Darlish Ice Cream Flavours


Darlish creates luxury ice cream inspired by natural botanicals and the magical flavours of the Middle East. Discover a new world of ice cream, unlike anything you’ve tasted before.​

Dairy, Nuts
Saffron, Rose & Pistachio

Iranian Saffron-infused ice cream, accented by the floral essence of rose water made from distilled Damascena roses studded with Iranian pistachio pieces.

Turkish Coffee

Smooth and smokey flavour created with a blend of Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee and Italian espresso. Just like a creamy iced latte.

Sweet Cream

Pure unspoilt foire de latte ice cream. Just like a clotted cream ice cream.

Dairy, Soya
Belgian Chocolate

Rich, fudgy ice cream made with 70% cocoa Callebaut callet and organic Peruvian cocoa powder.

Dairy, Sesame
Chocolate & Halva

Our rich, chocolate ice cream with nutty Arabic sesame halva confection crumbled on top.


Summery scoop made with strawberry puree, tasting just like strawberries and cream.

Dairy, Soya
Mint Chocolate Chip

Award-winning natural mint oil from Summerdown Mint Farm in Kent. Studded with 62% cocoa chocolate chips.

Salted Caramel

Rich, indulgent caramel and subtle salt resembling dulce de leche.

Sweet Cream & Sour Cherry

Our sweet cream ice cream with our very own in-house sour cherry ripple recipe offering a balance of sweetness and tanginess, made with real Turkish sour cherry puree.

Banana Fudge

Real banana ice cream with fudge chunks woven in, reminiscent of banoffee pie.

Dairy, Nuts
Honey Rum, Date Molasses & Raisin

Honey rum-infused ice cream combined with deep dark swirls of Iraqi Basra date molasses and plump Turkish raisins. Contains Alcohol (0.0002%).

Dairy, Sesame
Black Tahini

Black tahini ice cream, made from black sesame seeds; a unique blend of nutty richness and subtle earthiness.

Dairy, Peanuts, Soya
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Creamy, textured peanut butter base ice cream swirled with crunchy whole and crushed peanuts and chocolate chips.

Dairy, Nuts
Iranian Pistachio

An earthy, creamy pistachio ice cream with a smooth texture and nutty flavour sourced from the rich heritage of Iranian pistachios.

Dairy, Nuts
Orange Blossom & Pistachio

Delicate floral orange blossom in a creamy base made with distilled bitter orange blossoms, bursts of candied orange and crunchy pistachio nibs rippled throughout.

Dairy, Nuts
White Chocolate Hazelnut

A smooth hazelnut paste base with rich white chocolate sauce intertwined between layers with an added crunch of hazelnut nibs in each tasty bite.

Dairy, Gluten
Cookies & Cream

Our sweet cream ice cream with black cookie crumble blended throughout.